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Marketing Plan Name: Institutional affiliation: 1. Executive Summary Mototech is an international company providing car technological services globally. Mototech Limited was founded by Ali Hazin in 1988. The company was incorporated on September 1990. It has more than 120 branches in 37 countries with the headquarters base in Abu Dhabi (UAE). The company employs at least 500 employees directly and a further more than 1400 people indirectly. One of the most hilarious technology that the company ever invented was a technology that allows a car user to detect defaults in the car engine and advice the mechanic on where to fix and how to fix it. Atleast 60 products have been invented by the company and 27 are underway, a recent product known as ‘Car card’ which is still under test, will see the users open cars by just a swipe at the window screen of a car by a wireless card with a microchip. The company can now boast of larger market share in the entire UAE as well as ability to compete with other key players in the industry worldwide. The company is yet to shock the world by a release of Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology, which will vehicles communicating to each other in the near future. A detailed mission, vision, objectives, marketing strategies, marketing environment and SWOT Analysis of the company will be discussed in the following sections. 2. Vision statement. “ To be the world leader in the provision of car remote technology services. We will earn our customer trust, though value driven inventions”. To make this a reality the company has recruited competent and creative staff that will ensure up to date product inventions. The company has also started negotiation with other software developers to ensure exchange of ideas and learning of future trends and customer demands. 3. Mission statement “We truly succeed when our customers,

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