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Marketing Plan – Mock Thesis Description The mock thesis component of the minor is creating a marketing plan that develops in students/group members an analytical and creative approach to the marketing process, actively engages students/group members in the marketing activities and provides an opportunity to experience how manager in any organization guide and assist in preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. The marketing plan mock thesis is designed to encourage students/group members to recognize marketing as a force for the economic and social good of the community. All students/group members are seriously encouraged to participate in class. This project might concern itself with finding new markets for local products, promoting the community's resources, increasing the trading area of facilities, increasing sales, increasing employment, providing better shopping facilities, solving problems or challenges affecting the marketing process, etc. Marketing plans are where ideas come to life. The marketer's world is full of ideas: new product ideas, promotion ideas, cost-saving ideas, public relations ideas, and more. Until the ideas actually find a place in a plan, however, they are simply idle thoughts. The ability to write great marketing plans is a critical skill for any business student. Acquiring that skill takes practice, but it also requires approaching marketing plans with a strategic framework. This mock thesis facilitates on how to write great marketing plans. Like all skills, writing great plans requires practice and refinement. Few things will be more important in a marketing or general management career; however, so the time spent developing this skill will be a good long-term investment. A marketing plan is a document that lays out your recommendations for a business. It describes what you hope to

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