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Target Market Target market is the group of people toward whom a firm aims its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise. This is also one of the elements of marketing strategy. Marketers pinpoint their target markets as accurately as possible. Targeting consumers in specific global markets also represent a challenge. There have few market segmentation which are geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychological segmentation, and product segmentation. There have a segmentation shall use in Old Town Kopitiam Sdn. Bhd. which is demographic segmentation. Demographic segmentation is the division of an overall market into homogenous group which is based on gender, age, income, occupation, education, sexual orientation, household size, and stage in the family life cycle. Based on the customer based of Old Town Kopitiam Sdn. Bhd.,Old Town can concentrate their new marketing plan among senior citizen and health conscious consumer. The customer base of Old Town is senior citizen so Old Town can have a marketing plan which is focus and target on health conscious customer. Many senior citizen will to dine-in at Old Town for having their tea time, breakfast or lunch. Old Town have provide the promotion and menu set on those meal time such as breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner, or supper. Although the order chit of Old Town have a column for remark use, but they didn’t provide any menu with healthy food or a specific menu for senior citizen and health conscious customer so Old Town can provide some food which are less oil, less calories, non fried and low fat. This marketing plan have been used by other competitor which is Kenny Rogers Rosters. The vision of Kenny Rogers is to be the preferred choice for delicious and healthy chicken meals. Kenny Rogers provide healthy food for customer which there have a specific segment as Healthy Bites. There have those

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