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Executive Summary Brickhouse Security is committed to the assist the government, law enforcement and public safety by creating innovative technology and security products designed to protect and secure all important things in ones life. This document is designed to develop a marketable child safety device that will support law enforcement with beneficial evidence and give parents a since of ease if an abduction occurs. The material provides informative research and development about the newly developed GPS child locator device (s). This product has a GPS device that allows parents to easily access their child’s location within a fragment of a second. Here is a brief listing of the beneficial services this product will provide to consumers and to business: ❖ Unique quality products that are rated 5 stars by consumers. ❖ Legal promotion efforts that provide superior service for infants and toddlers. ❖ Visible concealed products that can be observed before purchase. ❖ Financial forecast for five years with objective goals. ❖ Innovative design that is rated best compared to competitions. ❖ Technology advancement that is highly effective against privacy invasion. ❖ Product availability that encompasses all social economic backgrounds. ❖ Safe inventions by engineers that is proficient yet affordable. The dynamic features for this device are phenomenal. “The Amber Alert GPS system is a small tracking device that can be placed into a child’s bag or attached to their wrist, ankle, belt, or shoelace. The parents simply call or text the AAGPS device and they will receive a detailed map and address of the child’s location via a text or web-enabled phone.” The response rate is only in a matter of seconds! Parents are also given the capability to track location updates on their computer.

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