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Marketing Plan Arabyana [pic] Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Company Background 2 3. Corporate Vision & Mission 2 4. Marketing Scenario 3 5. Situation Analysis: External Environment 3 5.1 Macro-environment: PESTEL Analysis 3 5 .2 The Micro-environment: Industry Analysis: 4 5.2.1 The Market 4 5.2.2 Competitors 4 5.2.3 Customers 5 6. Situation Analysis: Internal Environment 5 7. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis 6 8. Marketing Aims 6 9. Marketing Objectives 6 10. Marketing Strategy 7 11. Marketing Mix 7 11.1 Product 7 11.2 Pricing 7 11.3 Place 8 11.4 Promotion 8 11.5 People 9 11.6 Processes 9 11.7 Physical Evidence 10 12. Implementing the Plan 10 13. Evaluating the Plan 10 14. Appendix A: Promotion Mix Schedule 11 Marketing Plan: Arabyana Executive Summary Arabyana [Arabyana 2009] is a newly established equestrian club in Dubai, United Arab Emirates [UAE]. The UAE is located in the Persian Gulf; the native population is of Arabic culture and Islamic religion. Arabyana is unique in its vision as it offers membership to UAE female nationals, despite resistance from sections of the local community and a challenging economic climate. Arabyana has a qualified, enthusiastic workforce but has limited financial and marketing resources. The club has an objective of earning in excess of eleven percent returns in its first year by offering Gold and Silver memberships aimed at the premium and economy segments. Gold membership will be promoted in narrowcast media such as selected quality press, TV and radio, while Silver membership will be promoted through broadcast media to reach a larger audience. The marketing plan provides sufficient resources to fund and staff the venture for the first year, after which, a performance audit will be carried

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