Marketing of Airflo

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Marketing Opportunities for AirFlo Name of the Student: Name of the Instructor: Marketing Opportunities for AirFlo Introduction Human body is very sensitive and requires great care to avoid any health issues. With the need to keep our bodies healthy, people have found business opportunities in creating and developing products and equipments which will prevent our bodies from encountering any health harms. There are many things which expose the human body into harm including allergens, mold spores, dander, pollen and others. This project tends to find out the market opportunities for AirFlo product in the market which is equipment that is against dust, pollen and allergens. This report will explain on the product, pricing, promotion and placement of the product in order to develop a clear and strategic concept of the opportunities the company has in the market. 4P’S For AirFlo - Product AirFlo is a product that is created to act as an air filter and can be placed in our homes, offices, schools and any other places where we live. Nature has its negative impacts on human beings which can lead to infections and allergies in some extent. However, due to the need for human satisfaction and making money, people have tried to venture into various business opportunities which will enable man to live comfortably. AirFlo is a product that contains potential market opportunities due to the fact that it helps prevent health problems and reduce harm to man. The product is of high potential in the market since everyone tries to stay safe and avoid health problems. The product is expected to add more comfort to the human life and prevent attacks such as allergies including asthma. The product will be highly appreciated by the parents who might be the potential target market so as to prevent their babies from these health problems (Parmerlee & Association, 2000).
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