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Marketing Mix Project THE APPLE IPAD By MeelieB June 16, 2012 INTRODUCTION Technology in its respect has made a huge impact in today’s society. With technological products ranging from computers, kindles, mp3 players and handhelds, at least two of these products can be found in every home in the United States. These products have developed into products of necessity in which serve vital functions for everyday life. Functions such as research on papers such as this, performing business transactions, and providing reading material and entertainment for which people can enjoy are all performed by these technological products thereby cementing their importance in today’s society. With these products come companies that are working hard to outdo the other, creating products that go above and beyond to meet the needs of consumers. Apple, technological giant, has done this by creating a product which has the same function of a computer but is easily handled like a mobile phone. This product created is the iPad, and since its creation it has made its mark within the technological world. Nevertheless, in this project I will analyze the product, iPad, going into detail the marketing mix implemented for the product. I will analyze the product itself, place, promotion and price of the product. PRODUCT SECTION Positioning The iPad is a consumer product that satisfies consumers need for entertainment and mobility. Apple positions iPad as a product that caters to individuals that want to be able to watch movies, visit websites, read books and listen to music without having to carry around a heavy device such as a laptop or desktop. It is known as a sleek tablet that provides all these features to individuals who purchase the product. (Lamb/Hair/McDaniel, 2011). Features & Benefits The iPad contains features and benefits in which consumers that purchase the

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