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Marketing Mix Paper Mkt/421

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Marketing Mix

Ceasar Harris


September 2, 2012
Tammy Fernandez

Marketing Mix

Organizations have various ways to meet the wants of their target audience. Indeed, products may offer different features. Various mass media outlets such as TV, radio, newspaper, and the internet can be used to promote products. The prices can be increased or decreased or discounts may be given to customers. The brand name, the package, warranty, and so forth, also can be changed. Entrepreneurs use a specific marketing model, which is the marketing mix, to organize the above choices while attempting to simplify and narrow down the selection of the marketing mix, which has been long defined as the controllable variables the company puts together to satisfy the target group.
The marketing mix consists of four main ones, which are product, place, promotion, and price. These parts are frequently identified as the "Four Ps". In this paper the subject is to describe the "Four Ps". Additionally, the research will provide a summary of the Microsoft Corporation. I will attempt to describe how each part of the marketing mix affects the development of Microsoft's marketing strategy and tactics and how each part is implemented.

The product focuses on making the right product for the target audience. The offering to the customers may include a material good, a service, an in some instances both. Whether it is a physical good or service, the important key point of a product is that it has to satisfy the consumer’s needs. Other strategy decisions areas of products are: features, benefits, quality level, accessories, installation, instruction, warranty, product lines, packaging, and branding.


The place focuses on all the decisions taken to bring the correct product to the correct target audience place. Products are useless if they are not available to customers when they want or need them. Entrepreneurs use channels of distribution to...

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