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Marketing Mix Paper

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Marketing Mix Paper
MKT/421 – Marketing
Brenda Salima
February 6, 2012
Maureen Murphy, MBA

      Apple created one of the first computers in the Macintosh, and 36 years later they are still making products appealing to consumers. They have been very successful in continuously creating sleek-designed portable computers and electronics. Their patented products include iPods, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and their Mac operating system. Apple Inc. is the most successful company in the world in the electronics industry not limited to computers; and developing mobile devices put them ahead of their competition passing up Nokia, Samsung, and Sony.
      In chronologic order I will discuss Apple’s 4 P’s---products, price, place, and their promotions.
      Products: Their popular products include portable computers (Mac Book Pro, MacBook Air, iMac), iPods (Shuffle, Nano, Classic), iPhones (3GS, iPhone 4S, the upcoming iPhone 5, and iPad), and iTunes. Apple will be releasing the new iPad3 in March 2012. In June of 2011, Apple unveiled the creation of iCloud, an online storage and ‘syncing’ service for music and photos. The Apple TV is unfamiliar to their portfolio compared to the above products, but could have possibility of becoming popular in the upcoming years depending on users of iTunes.

      Price: iPads minimum price of $499, iPhones starting at $99, iPods $149 - $249, Mac Books $999 - $1199, and iTunes $0.69 - $1.29. Apple Inc. is in a comfortable position allowing them to offer flexible discounts to their customers when they are in demand. They launched discounts for the iPhone of $200 in 2007 making them affordable enough for all mobile users; and the iPads to fit consumers’ wants. In the music sector of iTunes, they have the capacity to offer music downloads at a lower price when there is a ‘slow’ downloading period as in 2009.
      Place: The Apple headquarters are in Cupertino, CA. Apple’s services include and not limited to...

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