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Marketing Mix For Baskin Robbins In Malaysia Essay

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The marketing mix used by Baskin Robbins as a method to provide a guideline in defining the marketing strategy. By the way, marketing mix also known as the 4 P’s which are product, price, place and promotion. This 4 P’s are controllable variables that can be adjusted to satisfy and meet the customers’ needs.

Baskin Robbins has several types of products. They have ice cream, soft serve, sundaes, beverages, cakes and grab-N-go. Besides that, all the ice creams at all the stores around the world are fully imported from US to ensure the consistency and taste.(1)
Baskin Robbins has created more than 1000 different flavors for the ice cream and each year more than 100 different flavors rotate in the stores to satisfy their customer’s needs and to meet their “31 concept”.(2) For example in Malaysia, Baskin Robbins had divided the ice cream as Permanent Flavors, Rotators Flavors, Sherbet Flavors, Sorbet/ Ices Flavors, No Sugar Added (NSA) Flavors and the Low Fat/ Lighter Side Flavors to meet their customers needs. Nowadays, consumers are in healthy-life- thinking, so base on the changing need of consumers, Baskin Robbins comes out the No Sugar Added Flavors, and the Low Fat / Lighter Side Flavors, consumers can having the ice cream at the same time take care for their own health.
The soft serve is the newest product in Baskin Robbins, which can serve in a cone, a pie and a cup. Soft serve is a product that slightly low in milk-fat than ice cream so it is being well liked especially female in diet. For those boring with only 1 flavor-1 scoop in hand, they can try sundaes, which can serve in three scoops in a cup, serve with bananas and also can build up your own sundaes by choosing up 3 different flavors in one cup or in waffle cone. This can fulfill those people in big meal and also give the customers to get the three favorite flavors in one time.
The beverages is set for those do not want to eat ice cream,...

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