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The Marketing Mix paper will include Time Warner Cable also known as TWC, is the organization that the author has chosen to complete this paper. During the course of the paper the author will talk about TWC’s marketing mix and will define the elements how the organization implements the elements within the organization. Followed by the elements the author will explain how to marketing mix affects the development of TWC’s marketing strategy and tactics. Followed by a section that list the four p’s of the marketing mix. According to "Time Warner Marketing Mix" (2000-2013), “Time and Warner Communications began operations in the 1920s. Henry Luce and Britton Haddon founded Time in 1922. The first issue of Time Magazine appeared in 1923. Warner Brothers (Warner Bros) was incorporated by brothers Harry, Abe, Jack, and Sam Warner in the same year. Warner Bros went public in 1925. Time merged with Warner Communications in 1989 to form Time Warner.” Time Warner Cable is a good example of how a company uses all the elements to create a successful marketing mix. TWC offers not only cable television product, but also, high speed data and phone service. These products all revolve around technology. With the rapid changes brought about through advances in technology caused the cable industry to require expanded offerings. Initially, cable companies could offer television broadcasting access. However, new technologies such as the internet presented additional opportunities. Recent changes in the consumer desire to have all inclusive services and the introduction of a digital phone signaling, Time Warner is now able to provide these services through existing cable connections. Once the technology, or product, was in place and the decision was made by Time Warner to provide additional services, marketing has played a key role in the success. Being a television provider, of

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