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Journal 1 review [7P’s: A literature review of Islamic marketing and contemporary Marketing Mix] Introduction The author had been briefly explained of marketing. This journal is to provide understanding each element of the 7P’s which based on the integration of both Islamic and contemporary marketing. Besides that it gives some view about Islamic teachings pertaining to proper way doing the business based on 7P’s concept. The author also mentioned Wilson has added 7P’s from Islamic perspectives and defined the element as pragmatism, pertinence, palliation, peer-support, pedagogy, persistent and patience. Point of view , argument and recommendation. Previously there were 4P’s(Product, price, place & promotion) to explain about the marketing mix, but nowadays customers are now a complex phenomenon, customer needs come in wide variety of choices or as diverse as customers themselves. With new technologies like social media and internet, to adapt this marketing environment, 7P’s (another 3 element people, process and physical environment) is needed. Based on the journal article mentioned Islamic teaching applied into marketing mix 7P’s. I believed that Islamic teaching present in 7P’s. Based on my opinion, I give some example of the Islamic marketing according to 7P’s. 1) Product A product is anything that can offer to meet customer needs or want. Based on Islamic teaching, there are Halaal(permissible) and Tayyab(beneficial, useful, healthy). The product should be useful and beneficial to all mankind. A waste and environment harm is prohibited. Prophet Muhammad SAW chooses to sell commodities which are needed and quality by all people and is not rotten. 2) Price Price is the amount that customer has to pay for the product or services. Based on Quran, the resources of the world meant for all mankind, no group is to be deprived. This leads us that when pricing the

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