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Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale grocery store that provides some of the best food products and specialty goods. Throughout the last 10 years in business, Kudler Fine Foods has proven to be very successful. The new focus for Kudler Fine Foods is to expand its services, improve the efficiency of its operations, and increase the consumer purchase cycle. In order for Kudler’s to accomplish these goals, efficient marketing research is needed when developing high-quality marketing strategies. Continuing to research the market while staying intelligently competitive, also will help shape their strategy and tactics. Marketing research is very important. This function will help Kudler Fine Foods develop and implement better marketing strategies and techniques. Kudler is currently using marketing research expenditures such as opportunity studies on market size, studies on food marketing trends, and studies on benchmarking services. All these different forms of market research will help Kudler efficiently market their stores and products in accordance to the wants and needs of their consumer base. Knowing the market size is crucial because without this research, Kudler would be oblivious to its competitors, consumers, and the product demand. Knowing the food marketing trends is important so Kudler can keep up with the competition and not fall behind to the latest faction. Some may agree that success can be duplicated. Researching other successful marketing approaches and benchmarking from other organizational success can serve as a great way for Kudler to try something else. This has worked for Kudler when benchmarking Nordstrom’s customer service techniques. There are always different ways or alternative approaches when it comes to market research. I believe Kudler would have a better idea of what the direct consumer wants, needs, and looks for, if

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