Marketing in the Digital Age Essay

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Marketing in the digital age Introduction Internet usage in Kenya has increased rapidly in the past few years. According to the CCK ICT sector statistics for 2011/2012, this increase Kenyans, like everyone else in the world today, have gained more and more interest in the digital world. Availability of internet is not an issue anymore, due to the various servers that have come up in the country. Internet is now affordable and accessible, from wireless connections in the home and office, to data connection on cellular devices. Kenyans have also become active in the various social networking sites and are now participating in e-commerce. The marketplace is no longer a physical location, but it is now accessible by the click of a button. Marketers are now realizing the potential that the internet has to bring consumers closer to the brand. Companies are now adopting a digital strategy. ‘Digital strategy is the selection of the right tactics across all channels, driven by users' information needs across the whole purchase funnel and informed by digital metrics and insights’ (Fou, 2012). Digital marketing is a new way of communicating using the same principles of marketing that have been in place from the past. Traditional marketing Traditional marketing typically involves bridging the gap between consumers and producers. This is done through various marketing tools such as television advertising, business cards, newspaper advertising, posters, brochures and radio advertisements. Companies are able to reach their potential clients on a face to face basis and they can learn a lot about the behavior of their consumers. This interaction usually begins when the company and the client meet in an event such as a trade fair or through networking. The company must maintain the relationship through frequent meetings and eventually hope to gain the trust of the
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