Marketing in Hospitals Essay

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Cost is the health care systems biggest down fall in the US. We pay more for health care than any other evolutionary country. Yet, we fall short on some key indices such as infant mortality and life expectancy. Costs are rising and with no end in sight. Businesses, families, and the government cannot afford this cost and soon the US will not have a health care system. Unless solutions are found and soon these spiraling costs will bankrupt companies, force businesses and individuals to drop coverage, destroy the long-term viability of Medicare and Medicaid. We need to reduce duplicate treats and therapist to patients. Cut the cost on Malpractice insurance coverage on the providers. Prevent the medical liabilities so that our providers are not afraid to treat our health care needs. Make health care cost standardizes so no matter the money you make, seeing the doctor is the same price no matter who you are. Over the 25 years we will be more technology based the human based, which will cut the cost of human error, and reduce the cost of employee in the health care field. I think this will help stream line the cost of health care and maybe reduce the cost of insurance. I think that the marketing will be on the ability of the physician or facility. Think the major determining factor for individual and me is the cost. Children and Women in the Child barring years, and the elderly require the most health care, and in most cases these individual cannot afford high cost insurance premiums. Of course in today economies no one can afford health care, unless the employers provide low premiums. I have 4 children they go to the doctor once year after they are in elementary school, without health care it is extremely costly. Not including the cost if they were to get sick and not having health care. The demands for everyone has increased for low cost health care programs

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