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Convenience; Seven Eleven The Marketing Manager, a large role in a business to have. How is one going to sell the business to the world or to the customers? This is where Seven Eleven is introduced, a fast, reliable convenience store located all around the world. Mobility is introduced along with different cultures and adjustments. Seven Eleven is functional and was the leading franchisee and licensing in the convenience store industry (7-Eleven Corporate, 2015). This franchise adjusts to your culture and needs depending on your area; a classic favorite. “That’s right; the favorite retailer of highway road stops, street corners and late-night Big Gulp sodas is quietly taking over the world” (Hines, 2012). How are they taking over the convenience store world; functionality and simply convenience. Thirsty, need a snack, how about need to pay a bill? Seven Eleven this there to help. “…Convenience doesn’t mean the same thing everywhere. In Hong Kong, shoppers snack on fresh pasta at the 7 Café and pay their phone bills at the store, nicknames Chat Jai or Little 7” (Hines, 2012). Where can one to go and do all that? Nowhere in my neighborhood. Everything is separate. It would be wonderful if we had a one stop shop like Seven Eleven described above. Time is a critical aspect to convenience stores. No everyone is on the same schedule and able to get items at the same time. That is one example of why Seven Eleven is open into the wee hours of the night. This makes Seven Eleven available when you want them; not to mention Seven Eleven stores are everywhere. “7-Eleven, Inc., the parent company, Seven-Eleven Japan; Master franchisees, licensees, and affiliates operate more than 46,800 7-Eleven and other convenience stores in fifteen countries outside of the U.S., including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Mexica, Canada, Singapore, Australia,

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