Marketing Impact On E-Marketing

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A STUDY ON IMPACT OF DIGITALIZATION IN E-MARKETING DR.WILSON PAUL, ASSOCIATE PROF. AND MRS.K.LALITHA KAMESWARI, ASSISTANT PROF.-DEPT. OF CORPORATE SECRETARYSHIP MRS.K.SUMATHY, ASSISTANT PROF. & HEAD, DEPT. OF ECONOMICS ABSTRACT E-marketing is an interesting topic especially for researchers in the marketing field. It is a new way of marketing a product/service globally to the targeted market around the world. This paper introduces a new approach concerning Internet marketing in electronic commerce; showing how advertisers need this innovation to be successful. This also relieves marketing managers for more value added tasks such as marketing plans for better development of the company. Keywords: Internet marketing, electronic commerce and innovation.…show more content…
With Internet marketing, engagement is the key and being able to interact with targeted customers in real time can help build better customer-supplier relationships, build higher levels of trust, and generate great customer loyalty that benefits both the business and their clientele. DISADVANTAGES OF INTERNET MARKETING Internet Marketing Involves Too Much Competition Just like the proliferation of online ads, Internet marketing is faced with a great challenge of too much competition. Digital marketers are scrambling to get into a better position for optimum visibility for their marketing and advertising campaigns, and with the presence of too much competition, will make it doubly hard and expensive to get the attention of targeted audiences. Internet Marketing Reputation Can Be Damaged by Negative Feedback Digital marketing tools are prone to their perennial problem of negative feedback which can damage your online reputation. A single post or tweet that defames or give erroneous claims and negative feedback about your products or services can scar and ruin your Internet reputation for a long time. Internet Marketing Is Highly Dependent on Technology Which Can Be Prone to…show more content…
The impact on this new digital world will have on marketing. But marketing ten years from now will likely be very different to what they know today. Internet has revolutionilized every aspect of life including economy and marketing. Introducing major techniques and methods of online marketing, this study has shed light upon opportunities and challenges of Internet. The major advantages internet has are its Empowering effect, Elimination of geographic barriers, target reaching, immediate results, cost effective, reaching wider or international auditory, measurable result, can be personalized, relationship build, 24 hours / seven days availability. However, implementation of Internet in the field of marketing involves special disadvantages such as: copying, too much add clutter, unserious perception, unconformity to the product, too much competition, damage by negative feedback, technology dependence, is not embraced by all people and lack of trust. REFERENCES: 1. "Digital Marketing". Techopedia. Retrieved 22 August 2015. 2. Clark, Dorie (11 November 2012), The End of the Expert: Why No One in Marketing Knows What They're Doing, Forbes, archived from the original on 4 November 2013 3. "Ad agency joins up with AOL for marketing surveys". Retrieved 2015-03-11. 4. Kates, Matthew (17 April 2013), Making digital and traditional marketing work together, Econsultancy, archived from the original on

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