Marketing Funnel Case Study

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Marketing funnels are a funny thing. They can (and should) be built differently for every business, every marketplace, and every unique product or service within that marketplace. Although having a template to follow helps, there are many factors determining the exact strategy and tactics used to construct your own marketing funnel. Marketing funnels that convert are built with the customer in mind. A marketing funnel, or sales funnel is a process through which a customer's journey through the process is charted and tracked. Building a good one will help you to create more conversions. I'd like to reveal what I've found to be the most common mistakes people make when building a sales process and marketing funnel. These mistakes cost time,…show more content…
That is, as long as it's congruent enough to get at least 20% of your customers to buy it. After seeing these results, you could decide to take it up another level. You come out with something four times higher than that product ($1,600) and again, maybe 20% of those buyers will purchase it. 20% of 200 comes out to 40 people. 40 multiplied by $1,600 is another $64,000. That takes you from $100,000 per month to an astonishing $244,000 per month, simply by adding two high-end products and services to your backend. If those numbers seem high to you, realize that we're talking about selling to existing buyers--not your total list which would include prospects. Mistake #5: Using Online Marketing Only Want to make more impact and reach an audience you currently aren't reaching? Add direct mail to your marketing efforts. Most people these days are obsessed with marketing on the Internet. They call themselves "Internet Marketers". That is the worst term I've ever heard. Have you ever heard anybody say they're a newspaper marketer? A radio marketer? A only by pay-per-click marketer? Of course not. Promoting your business online is just one method of growing your

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