Marketing Functions Essay

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C16 Principles of Marketing Describe how marketing functions within the larger organization (internally) and within its environments (externally) including the goals and expected outcomes of this department. Internal marketing involves the marketing practices within a company or organization that communicates organizational policies and practices to their employees and internal stakeholders. These will include intangible assets, like brands or patents, in addition to the organizations resources that include things like financial and human capital (Levens, 2012). Internal marketing influences the internal environment of organizations and businesses. For example, it communicates the values and expectations of the business to its employees and internal stakeholders in addition to creating business advocates in the marketplace when employees interact with others. On the other hand, external marketing involves the marketing practices directed outside the organization or business to create value and to form productive customer relations. Some areas of influence are the microenvironment and the macroenvironment which either can increase or reduce an organizations ability to create value for its customers. Microenvironment consists of customers, suppliers, and competitors; whereas, macroenvironment consists of societal forces that influence the microenvironment but are uncontrollable like legal, political, social and cultural. Both influence consumers and businesses as they make purchase decisions. Consumer and business purchase decisions are influenced heavily by marketing and promotion of brands, products, and services. In order for a business to be successful it has to have a good marketing plan within its business plan. A business plan defines the operational and financial objectives of a business
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