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Marketing Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: hunnysin
  • on August 4, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Marketing Ethics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Criticisms of Marketing
  * High prices
  * Deceptive practices
  * High-pressure selling
  * Shoddy, harmful, or unsafe products
  * Planned obsolescence
  * Poor service to disadvantaged consumers.

High Prices
  * Caused by:
      * High costs of distribution
      * High advertising and promotion costs
      * Excessive markups

Deceptive Practices
  * Deceptive Pricing:
      * Falsely advertising “factory” or “wholesale” prices or large reductions from phony high retail list prices.
  * Deceptive Promotion:
      * Overstating a product’s features or performance, running rigged contests.
  * Deceptive Packaging:
      * Exaggerating package contents through subtle design, using misleading labeling, etc.

High-Pressure Selling
  * Salespeople are trained to deliver smooth, canned talks to entice purchase.
      * High-pressure selling persuades people to buy goods they had no intention of buying.
      * High-pressure selling is not good for long-term relationships.

Shoddy or Unsafe Products
  * Includes:
      * Products that are not made well or services that are not performed well.
      * Products that deliver little benefit or that may even be harmful.
      * Unsafe products due to manufacturer indifference, increased production complexity, poorly trained labor, and poor quality control.

Planned Obsolescence
  * Refers to:
      * Products needing replacement before they should because they are obsolete.
      * Producers who change consumer concepts of acceptable styles.
      * Intentionally holding back attractive functional features, then introducing them later to make old model obsolete.
Poor Service to Disadvantaged Consumers
  * Disadvantaged consumers are served poorly when:
      * Poor are forced to shop in smaller stores where they pay more for inferior goods.
      * “Redlining” by national chain stores occurs in disadvantaged neighborhoods.
      * Poor are targeted for “rapid...

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