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Marketing Ethics Essay

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As I was searching for an advertisement to use, I came across an advertisement for AT&T. There are several messages that are sent in this advertisement.   It is a green and ocean colored background with the images of a person’s hands holding a cell phone. The hands are depicted as The Great Wall of China. The message at the top of the advertisement says “Works in over 200 countries, like China.” Every cell phone provider will attempt to depict the best coverage over another provider, and their statement is that they have the best coverage worldwide.
In this picture/advertisement, I really feel it gets the message across, however, I do not believe it is on an ethical standpoint. If I would happen to be someone in China looking at this picture, I do not think I would feel comfortable with it on a moral standpoint. The Great Wall of China is a very significant piece of history for them and importance that this is to the Chinese. It is actually listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Using such a strong image sends a very strong message to the receiving parties.  
The concept of using the statement of working in over 200 countries like China could be taken in a good way or a bad way. The perception of everyone is different. Those in China would feel that something made or that works in China is of great deal. Others may feel the exact opposite and say that they are cheap and junk.
A China native may feel that stating that China works in over 200 countries could be a very offensive remark. If they perceive that others find their work or AT&T to be cheap, they could see this as an offensive. This could be stereotyping and misleading as our individual perceptions go a long way!
I personally would have chosen something that has nothing that could be taken in a misleading or stereotypical way. For example, the use of a globe; It is the entire world and maybe instead of just the Great Wall of China, use all 7 wonders of the world or multiple images from several...

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