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Marketing Ethics Essay

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With the rapid expansion of globalization and inventions in communication media, competition has become more intricate as well as complex among and between different industries. Due to the presence of such high level of competition, the role of every marketer has eventually become more important and challenging. In order to understand the on-going market trends and scenarios and to gain insight of the consumer behavior and patterns, these marketers often consider marketing research as one of the best practices to successfully launch their respective products and services. However with every single marketing campaign and marketing research conducted comes a great ethical responsibility which is directly related to the interest of the target audience.

Ethics in children related marketing and marketing research is one of the major issues at present in industries such as entertainment, fashion, fast moving consumer goods, toys and electronics. These ethical issues may vary from psychological to changing perception, from creating positive/negative values to influencing attitudes of the children in a particular age segment. Children in different age group posses varying ability to process consumer information, where most of the targeted child audience are found to be at the proximal development stage. Ethical issues arise when any marketing tool used is directly

extent that the child becomes completely adamant to use the particularly promoted and marketed product, it is due to the child’s sober nature and inability to judge and weigh a particular commercial argument, hence making young child audience prone to the materialistic exploitation.

Unethical marketing somehow also point to the marketing activities that is print adverts, television adverts, online adverts, promotional events, and other related activities that are launched into the market without the proper consent of the parents, such marketing tactics instill the feeling of buying the product in child’s...

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