Marketing Environment and Marketing Strategy Essay

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Product involvement is simply being involved with the product you’re thinking about purchasing. To what degree you’re involved encompasses the “High-Involvement” and “Low-Involvement” aspect of this curriculum. Generally, purchases are made in two ways- high involvement and low involvement. What makes a product purchase high-involvement? I think the importance of the product is considered first, the the price in most situations and how much money one is willing to spend and/or have to spend. If the product that’s being purchased is of high importance, you tend to spend more time conducting market research and comparing consumer reports. High involvement purchases include more opinion and intent by the individual making the purchase and tend to be riskier and cost more (Shukla, 2006). What makes a product purchase low-involvement? In my opinion, this purchase doesn’t require a lot of research nor is it high in value but still may be a necessity. Consumers don’t spend a lot of time exploring the market for this product. They basically purchase it on impulse, because of the name and/or because they’re just familiar with the brand. Low involvement purchases do not involve the purchaser’s input as much and tend to cost less. High-involvement –vs. - Low-involvement. The first product I purchased was an Apple 15-inch Mac Book Pro - a high-involvement product purchase. The second product I purchased was a Zebra F-402 ink pen – a low-involvement product purchase. All products and services can be broadly divided into the two categories: High Involvement and Low Involvement. As the names suggest, high involvement products will have more involvement of the consumers. To explain it further, these products are costlier and it is risky to buy them without much thought. For example, a luxury car is a high involvement purchase. So is getting surgery done in a
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