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Integrated marketing communications compared to traditional advertising uses all communication channels for marketing its message. IMC aims to ensure consistency of message and the complementary use of Medias. The concept includes online and offline marketing channels, whereas, traditional would only utilize advertising messages. Marketers are taking an IMC perspective due to the globalization dynamic. People have a much more digital attitude, multi tasking through different Medias all day long. The IMC business strategy process recognizes a number these categories where traditional advertising would focus mainly on one aspect. More significantly however, overall advertising in traditional media will continue to decline in favor of less expensive, more effective interactive tools and services. Budgets are moving away from traditional advertising are now allocated towards “un” marketing activities that will earn stature, and credibility. Rather than the traditional inside-out view, IMC is seen as an outside-in perspective. Customers, prospects, and others encounter the brand and company through a host of sources and create from these various contacts ideas about the brand and company. By understanding the Medias’ habits and lifestyles of important consumer segments, marketers can tailor messages through media that are most likely to reach these segments at times when these segments are most likely to be receptive to these messages. This creates a stream line marketing communication effort. By doing this the IMC builds and reinforces mutually profitable relationships with customers and other important stakeholders and generates synergy by coordinating all elements in the promotional mix into a program that possesses clarity, consistency, and maximum

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