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Introduction The marketing communication plan selected for the case study is the Toyota Prius. In this case study, “Oakly & Oakley” has been asked to come up with a three years communication plan for Toyota (GB) PLC focusing on their new launch of the Toyota Prius in the United Kingdom. The budget allocated for this 3years long plan is set for £3million per annum which sums up to £9million for the whole 3years. Most car manufacturers usually rely on local car dealers themselves to advertise or promote the latest offer. However for Toyota, manufacturers rely on advertising as they notice the importance of advertising campaign in creating and supporting a national brand among the UK market. Toyota Prius has been already successfully launched in the USA and Japan. In this case study, we can analyze how Toyota Prius tries to penetrate the UK market through their advertising campaign and how this campaign is carefully planned considering the differences in taste and culture of UK. Campaign’s Objective Objectives are established to set an objective set of targets that ought to be achieved by the planned actions. Objectives exist on three levels; Corporate, Marketing and Communication. • Corporate Objective It can be summarized as shareholder wealth maximization and is ultimately achieved through higher profits and increased sales. • Marketing Objective The rate of how successful a new automobile launch in a market. The primary reason of the Toyota Prius launch in the market was not for gaining profit purpose. In fact in USA and Japan itself, Prius is sold to the market under its production cost. The Prius was basically a research project which turns into a mass produced car to with the intention of promoting and improving Toyota’s image in the automobile industry. Marketing communication activities are a vital part in achieving the above two and have

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