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Channel Managment Presented to: DR. Saeed Ghalab Done by: Marwan mohammed ashraf ID: 407077 MARKETING COMMUNICATION It is the department that deals in handling all communications for the company. Depending on the kind of company and the industry they are in, this department is sometimes called the corporate communications or the product marketing division at times. Marketing communications is nothing but the science and art of communicating information that the company wants to divulge to the public. The information could be related to the marketing of a product, talk about a new product launch or community initiatives taken by the company. The whole exercise is called a science and an art because though there are set rules and patterns to the manner in which communication should be drafted, the ability to communicate effectively is an art that only some can master. Even as just communicating may seem an easy task since that is what we do every day in our normal lives, there is a science behind what to communicate to whom and in what tone and manner. The process becomes more complex when the market to which one is communicating is an evolved market. Marketing Communication Strategy: As well as customers, employees and partners your business stakeholders may include the media and analysts, shareholders, your Board of Directors, regulators and a host of others. Regardless of who you are speaking with, the following Rules of Marketing Communication hold true. Marketing Communication covers all official communication and messaging and should be approached as follows: (1) Be Relevant Specific stakeholders require specific kinds of information and a specific tone of delivery. Not everyone needs to know everything and you will not address customers in the same way as employees. Make sure that everyone has access to all information that is

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