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Marketing – Case Studies: Content: Market Research 1 Business Market: Busjets 2 Consumer Market: Post Purchase Behaviour 4 Marketing Objectives: 5 Product Market Expansion: 6 Sales Area Expansion: 7 Market Segmentation: 8 Brand Image: 10 Patagonia 10 Product Innovation: 12 Product Mix: 13 Responding to competitor's price changes 13 Promotion Tools: 15 Marketing Culture: 16 Market Research A good friend of yours has recently taken over the Opel branch office from his father. There is a long term relationship established with most of the customers regarding new and second-hand cars as well as maintenance Services. Nevertheless, business has been difficult in these last years. The new owner of the branch office has noticed in the last months increasingly negative reactions from his customers regarding the works done in the repair shop. He knows, that you are studying Business Administration and Engineering and has asked you to propose appropriate measures to identify the level of customer satisfaction regarding the maintenance Service and the most problematic areas. You have full access to a data base including the names and addresses of all customers, which have brought their car for maintenance works to the car repair shop. Unfortunately, the customers' phone numbers have been only registered since beginning of this year, E-Mail addresses are not available at all. Questions: • Build teams consisting of 4 to 5 members • Discuss in the next 30 minutes all appropriate data collection methods in this case • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method? • Which method should be used and what needs to be done in detail? Which customers should be involved and how? • Do you expect a single data collection project to be sufficient? • Present your results to the audience Answers: The Survey is the most often used

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