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Integrated Marketing Communications Final Take-Home Exam Academic Year 2013 Examiner: Dr. Samia Kamel Submission Date: 20/9/2013 Attempt all Questions Student Name: Total Score: 40 Points Number of Pages: 11 Number of Questions: 2 I- Read the enclosed case, “California Milk Advisory Board Real California Cheese”, and answer the questions given at the end of the case. (15 points) II- Answer the following multiple choice questions: (25 points) 1- Which of the following is true about integrated marketing communication (IMC)? A. It is a tactical integration of various communication activities. B. Audience does not form an important part of the IMC process. C. Employees are not seen as an important part of the IMC process. D. IMC is viewed as on ongoing strategic business process. E. IMC simply involves bundling promotional mix elements together. 2- The basic elements that are used to accomplish an organization's marketing communication objectives are referred to as: A. the marketing mix. B. marketing strategy tools. C. persuasive marketing mix. D. the promotional mix. E. public relations. 3- Joy calls a Samsung store in order to find out about the new Samsung Wave S8500. The customer service department personnel of Samsung emails him the entire product details in a very organized manner along with the price of the product and other special specifications as requested by Joy. Which type or category of touch point has been discussed here? A. Company created touch point B. Intrinsic touch point C. Extrinsic touch point D. Unexpected touch point E. Customer-initiated touch point 4- Kerry is asked to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each IMC tool being used by the agency and make recommendations to plan and execute communications with target 1 audiences. Kerry is engaged in: A. survey research strategies. B. account-client articulation agreements. C.

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