Marketing Campaign Essay

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[pic] INVICTA MARKETING CAMPAIGN Table of Contents Introduction 3 Product and Campaign strategy 3 Target Market 5 Description of the message 5 Materials to be communicated 6 Budget Estimates 8 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction Invicta, which is a Latin word for "invincible," is a watch making company that was founded over a century ago (1837) in Chiasso, Switzerland. Invicta's philosophy is the provision of high quality watches at affordable prices to its clients. The company started by developing mechanical and automatic watches but was greatly hit by the "quartz movement" in the 1970's. After its re-birth in the early 1990's, the company has maintained steady growth. Invicta prides itself in the creation of exceptional cases with an innovative reputation and style. Invicta is privately owned and operated. In Product and Campaign strategy This section outlines what techniques are going to be used to market Invicta products and how those approaches will be implemented. To widen its client base, Invicta will design its products to meet specific needs of different categories of users including athletes, office executives and the young, casual people. Invicta will achieve this objective by developing different lines of watches to meet the needs of different clientele it is targeting through market segmentation. Market segmentation is a powerful marketing approach because it enables the business to tailor its products, services and pricing for specific groups within its target market; leading to better customer satisfaction and increased profitability for the business. Invicta will categorize its clients into four major categories based on age and income, these will include, high-income earners, middle-income earners, young customers and the senior clients. Furthermore Invicta will develop special products
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