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INDEX INDEX 2 INTRODUCTION 3 1. What is marketing and the importance to contemporary business practices? 3 2. Explained the characteristics of a marketing oriented organization. 5 3. Identify and explained the elements of marketing concept. 6 4. Identify and explained the benefits and costs of using marketing approach to invest and do business in Vietnam. 10 CONTENTS 13 1. Identify and explained the macro and micro environmental factors that can influence Milky Products Private Limited (MPPL) marketing activities. 13 1.1. Macro factors 13 1.2. Micro factors 15 2. Identify and explained how Milky Products Private Limited (MPPL) products can be segmented – the benefits and limitations of each method. 16 2.1. Segmented by location 16 2.2. Segmented by demography 18 3. Factors influence the choice of targeting strategies for Milky Products Private Limited (MPPL). 19 4. Explained how buyer behavior for the products can affect Milky Products Private Limited (MPPL) marketing activities in two buying situations. 21 4.1. Consumer buying behavior: 22 4.2. Business buying behavior: 25 CONCLUSION 29 REFERENCES 30 INTRODUCTION The global economy has been experiencing an incredibly rapid growth for several years. There are organizations and companies, there are businesses and contracts being signed. Along with the competitive market places comes the massive development of Marketing. People have been mistaking marketers for salesmen or advertising people. However Marketing is something bigger than all of that. Advertisement, public relations... are parts of Marketing. In order to survive in this severe market, companies need smart marketing campaigns, which require specific understanding about Marketing. What is the main goal to be achieved by either large or small

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