Marketing Aspects in Tourism Development Essay

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ThuyNga Thai Marketing aspects in tourism development The marketing analysis of Vietnam tourism industry for long term development Thesis Fall 2011 Business School Bachelor of Business Administration International Business 2 SEINÄJOKI UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Thesis abstract Faculty: Business School Degree programme: Bachelor of Business Administration Specialisation: International Business Author/s:ThuyNga THAI Title of thesis: Marketing aspects in tourism development. The marketing analysis of Vietnam tourism industry for long term development Supervisor(s): Cory Isaacs Year: 2011 Number of pages: 81 Number of appendices: 1 _________________________________________________________________ The objectives of this paper are to identify the shortcomings that have been hindering the development of Vietnam tourism and seeking for the solution for these shortcomings in the aspects of marketing. Vietnam is a country lying in the peninsula of South Asia and holds great potentials of nature, culture and human power for tourism growth. Despite much effort on marketing campaigns, Vietnam tourism is still lagging behind other giant tourism industries in Asia region. The thesis applied both qualitative and quantitative research methods, consisting of the data collected from the official statistics of the organizations namely World Travel and Tourism Councils, World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association, General Statistics Office of Vietnam; and an in-depth interview with Mr. Adam Bray, who is a travel journalist, writer and Indochina expertise. From the study, the writer suggests that Vietnam tourism should focus on four aspects of marketing, including branding Vietnam’s tourism image, designing effective advertisement to raise brand awareness, applying marketing into ICT, and developing tour offerings and focusing on niche market.

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