Marketing and Launching a Video Game: Demon Core

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Marketing and Launching a Video Game: Demon Core The main focus of this thesis project revolves around the marketing and launching of a new video game, as indicated in the thesis title. In cooperation with Apex Games Ltd. the aims of this thesis are to determine the main strategic marketing decisions for the company’s new product, Demon Core. In order to define Demon Core’s strategic marketing needs a proposed strategic marketing model has been designed. Furthermore, to determine an efficient way of launching the video game, the new product development process has been closely examined. The main concepts which have been analyzed are the target market, product positioning, pricing, promotion and brand. These main concepts have been supported by Demon Core’s marketing mix (4 P’s), additionally, the new product development process is also a concept which has been taking under consideration throughout this thesis. The thesis author conducted an interview with the company CEO, Mikko Karsisto, in order to collect sufficient data, to identify Demon Core’s strategic marketing needs. The data assisted in determining the company’s marketing and launching awareness, helping identify specific needs. Furthermore, due to the lack of resources available no other research was conducted. However, the methodology applied in this thesis helped determine the main products strategic marketing needs. In general, the main results presented in this thesis can aid Apex Games to marketing and launching their main product (Demon Core), as of now Apex Games is down the right track towards product launch. However, the appliance of the theories and concepts in this thesis, while may not guarantee success they could at least act as a scope for Demon Core’s strategic marketing and understanding the product launch process. Hence, helping the company determine its target market, marketing

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