Marketing and Business Environtment - Emirates Airline Essay

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Summary. The aim of this document is to develop a Marketing Strategy document for Emirates airline. After performing marketing audit, it was concluded that there are several factors affecting company’s performance. Company faces political aspects as terror attacks and war zones – suspended services to Kiev and other Gulf countries. Re-routing of destinations causes longer flights, dissatisfied customers and higher fuel expenses. Airline industry is extremely susceptible to the economic cycle, which influences business and leisure travelers to save money. Emirates have developed environmental policy to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Company dedicates great importance to technological innovations – launching wireless internet, telephone calls and text messages and etc. SWOT analysis revealed certain weaknesses that could be turned to strengths, as creating motivation among staff to keep the consistency of the service and procedures. It is highly important since it is affecting the brand image of the company. Moreover, one of the threats identified is intense rivalry. It is not the plan to be up to date anymore, Emirates seeks to step ahead the competitors. Emirates airline is named as “Most Valuable Airline Brand”. It is both positive and negative aspects to be a strong brand. Positive include consumer perception and preferences, trust. Emirates airline is considered to be a barrier competitor to other airlines. Negative aspects – customers do not tolerate the failures because of the high expectations. Emirates brand image is uniform worn by 20.000 crew all around the globe – it is hard to maintain the perfect standards. Company has benefited from the partnership with Qantas, extending new routes from Australia via Dubai and further. Emirates airline is not ready to become a member with any alliance – it seeks to be the first to react to

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