Marketing Analysis On Beetles

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Volkswagen Beetle Volkswagen, a car designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1938 to be “the people’s car” was targeted to those who wanted a car that was fuel efficient, reliable, and small. Each campaign focused on the things the Volkswagen wasn’t, turning the negatives into positive. The campaign key message stressed that the Volkswagen was not big, fast, or beautiful, however that the Volkswagen doesn’t eat gas, oil, and tires. It doesn’t need antifreeze, a big parking spot, and high insurance premiums (115). Each campaign used unique techniques to draw the target market’s attention. The automobile industry advertisement featured attractive women; the Volkswagen ads on the other hand, illustrated a vast amount of blank space with a stamp of a car (115). Other techniques include not photographing the car but illustrating it large against an exciting backdrop and using slogans like “ugly is only skin deep” and “think small” (115). Indeed, the size of the Volkswagen made up all of the ads; illustrating ads with the headline “lemon,” the Volkswagen shape over graph paper, the floating car, the beetle and the egg car. Unlike other ads of the time, “Volkswagen advertisements were like homework assignments; you have to spend time with them,” without a doubt the techniques used have successfully reached the target market’s attention (115). The Volkswagen consistent message helped the target market’s focus on the reliability of the car and its unique features not on the immaterial things. The advertisement reached the target market on a rational level because the main focus of the Volkswagen was not too necessarily to keep in style with the times, but to make a better car

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