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04/02/2014 World First Compose Capcom 04/02/2014 World First Compose Capcom GAME DESCRIPTION The main force of this game is on games conical and PC base on legend and myths in a more modern form. The players will be able to adventure though the games finding what truth lies before them. This game will be playing on single and couple. Design Goals The game is design base on the following goals. * Surviving in nature * Learn along while playing * Build creativity & strong open world mind * Achievements & reward * Develop and fun game base on * Adventure- The players will be able to access the open world in the game having a choose of entering the main story any time they wish. * Level grinding- Players will be able to level up while they advance though the game while becoming more and more stronger * Knowledge & creativity- There will be dungeons, puzzles, and crafting’s, which allow players to spend time two enjoy and explore. * To create a games where online and single games have no limits Part B: Environmental Analysis (Capcom Vancouver) Demographic trends: As Capcom products target a worldwide market, the demographics of its immediate geographical area (i.e. Vancouver) do not greatly impact sales. However, to maintain its competitive edge it actively recruits a comparatively young, innovative, creative and diverse design, production and administration team, many of whom are drawn from the Vancouver area and all of whom are themselves gamers (Careers). Although there is no upper age limit for either game users or Capcom employees, the reality of the gaming and game creation environment means that the majority of individuals in both groups are comparatively young. Canada's increasingly aged population (Milan, 2011, July 20) thus has the potential to negatively impact

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