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Introduction: Natures Organics has been committed in producing naturally based products since the early 1950’s. They are a business that is highly motivated on creating environmentally friendly products of high quality and at the lowest possible price, (Natures Organics. (n.d.). Our Philosophy. Retrieved March 18, 2015). Natures Organics have been devoted in producing their products purely out of plant based elements, biodegradable surfactants as well as using sustainable packaging to ensure a clean and healthy environment, (Natures Organics. (n.d.). Company History. Retrieved March 18, 2015). With being a company that has been around for about sixty-five years, Natures Organics is a company that is old and tired and is in need of a new packaging design to enhance their sales performance of their “fruits” range. Internal Environment: Natures Organics is a limited company with about 150 employees and is known to be one of the most successful companies within Australia. They are situated within Victoria and have been within the market for 65 years, which is about 54 years longer than the average Australian company (Passport. (2013). Analysis. Nature's Organics Pty Ltd in Beauty and Personal Care, 1-2). Natures Organics’ “Fruits” product range is priced at $1.99 throughout the distribution outlets including; Coles, Woolworths, independent stores as well as ARL QLD SPAR, (Natures Organics. (n.d.). Stockists. Retrieved March 19, 2015). Natures Organics has average sales of $67.8 million a year. Product: Customers of Natures Organics want a product that provides the service that is intended such as clean and healthy hair with plenty of volume. They are a company that is purely devoted in producing the “Fruits” product out of natural ingredients as well as having biodegradable packaging to continue their philosophy of creating “environmentally friendly” products

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