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Whose side are you on? As I was reading the case study on Britt Smith regarding the architectural and engineering firm I started looking for an answer to the questions, it made me realize how some decisions I choose involve a lot of thinking when I am uncertain of something. I mean sometimes it is really hard to pick between a decision if it is either ethical or unethical. After reading the case study I decided to put myself in Britt’s shoes and actually think about the situation before putting an answer that I couldn’t do if I were in her place. Britt discovered that Brian was using insider information in order to win the project. According to the reading, Brian Jenkins along with Britt and the team members were offered a challenge to design a new military complex hospital that they were going to present to the state and governmental agencies. If they completed this challenge and were better than other groups they would get a bonus prize of $10,000. Now that’s a big amount of money; sometimes you tend to be unethical when that amount is offered to you especially if you have things pending due to the lack of money. Britt’s dilemma in this situation is very reasonable because she doesn’t know what decision to make. As it says in the reading it is her first time being a part of such an enormous project. She was recently hired as an employee and she is still a junior team member. Now when you think about it, what if she tells the ethics officer and they don’t believe her because she is still new. When she discussed this with another team member Sue, Sue said that it’s not an illegal step because friends talk and it doesn’t matter as along as the project gets completed and the employees get their bonuses. But looking at Britt’s situation and the company’s ethic rules it really looks like Brian is pursing this competition wrong and she is not okay with it. Now

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