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The Importance of Marketing Marketing is crucial to the success of the organization in order for the business to survive. Marketing is the ability to attract customers to your business. Building relationships with customers is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Without satisfying the needs, desires and expectations of the customers, the product will not promote. Providing excellent customer service will increase sales and the business growth. Customer satisfaction will enhance future purchases. Customers will refer their friends, relatives and sometimes strangers. Dramatically reduced sales means the organization does not have an effective marketing strategy. There are two important views of marketing. A micro view focuses on marketing activities by an individual business, and a macro-marketing view which consist of the whole marketing system in a society or economy. Production and distribution depend largely on marketing. Marketing covers advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales. Marketing introduces and promotes the product. Essentially profit-minded and results-oriented individuals focus on marketing before production. Identifying the target market should be determined, also identifying the need for the product and how this product can be globally distributed. After identifying the need of the product, the production process should occur. Successful sales and marketing background team should be established to oversee all functions of the marketing activities are efficiently and effectively coordinated. A marketing manager should have an extensive experience in marketing. In the marketing plan, the marketing department should do research to determine their market share. Marketers should track how many potential customers will purchase their product, and where are these people located. In marketing a

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