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What is marketing? It has different meanings, In my view Marketing is the core of the business. To outperform the competition, solid marketing knowledge and precision in marketing decision-making are required. The positioning of an organization and its products and services depend on the formulation and implementation of intelligent and aggressive strategic marketing plans. “The customer is always right” Marketing is based on the concept that the customer is the most important person to the company. In order to prosper or even survive, every company must work hard to retain its existing markets and continually strive to secure new and profitable customers. The marketing concept puts the emphasis on customers and the identification and satisfaction of customer requirements. Such an orientation to business consequently results in the customer becoming the focus of the company’s activities, and most successful companies in the world owe their prosperity to the adoption and application of this marketing concept. Although the concept of marketing is relatively straightforward, the term ‘marketing’ often means different things to different people. This confusion is not restricted to the ordinary person in the street. There are still many business people who have not fully grasped the importance to the marketing concept. The objective of this chapter is to explain clearly what the marketing concept is all about and to compare and contrast it with less sophisticated approaches to business which, even today, are still practiced by many business firms. Of course, like most things to do with organizations, situations develop and change. This is as true for marketing as for any other area of business and indeed it might be argued that in fact the marketing function is subject to even more forces for change than other functional areas of the business. This chapter

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