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1. Discuss the role marketing plays in the operations of a business. Marketing plays a central role in the operations of the business. Marketing refers to satisfying consumer’s needs and wants. In order to satisfy consumers the operations of a business need to reflect the satisfaction of needs and wants through product, price, promotion and place strategies. The most obvious role that marketing plays in the business is that it links the customer to the product, and therefore the business. As a result, the operations of the business must be focused on providing a product that customers wish to buy, at a price they are willing to pay, in an accessible location and promoted in such a way that customers are aware of the product and its advantages. 2. Consider a tile manufacturer and distributor selling tiles from a shop attached to its manufacturing plant. Outline which markets this business is most likely to be operating in. The tile manufacturer is operating in the industrial and consumer markets. The tile manufacturer operates in the consumer market through the shop to households and businesses. The tile manufacturer may also sell products to tile retailers. 3. A store selling only ‘gothic’ clothing opens up in Sydney’s CBD. Justify whether this business is targeting a niche or mass market. The store is targeting a niche market, segmented according to geographic and psychographic factors. The store is geographically located in the Sydney CBD and the clothing appeals to a specific lifestyle and personality. The business has identified that it has a product that appeals to a specific customer who may be geographically dispersed, and by locating in a central place, the shop has made itself accessible to these customers. 4. Briefly examine how the focus of marketing has changed for business over the last century. The focus of marketing has changed from production and

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