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“Change everything.” – Kun-Hee Lee This book is about pioneers. Both inside and outside Samsung. It is about those who have come before us, who served as catalysts to our ascent. It is about those who come to work for us, who see the world in a different way, and envision a future that is nothing like today. It is about those who lead us to a higher level by sharing their vision and inspiration. 2 3 Enter the Pioneers l o ok A k on o bac e 75-y ur a st or y r hi 1 5 Beginnings In 1938, in the midst of Japanese colonial rule, Byung-Chull Lee establishes Samsung, planting a seed of hope that begins to germinate in the gloomy period. A A MARCH 1938 Samsung begins as a small trading company selling dried fish, vegetables, and fruit. B NOVEMBER 1965 Samsung Foundation of Culture is formed to preserve and promote the brilliant achievements of Korean traditional art. C JANUARY 1969 Samsung Electronics is established, beginning its journey for the future of Samsung and Korea. 1 B C 5 The big idea Taking over from his father, Kun-Hee Lee becomes Chairman of Samsung in 1987. With his entrepreneurship, he dives into uncharted waters and lays the groundwork for Samsung’s corporate transformation. E F D MARCH 1988 Kun-Hee Lee succeeds his father as Chairman and announces the “Second Foundation” of the company, directing Samsung’s growth toward becoming a world-class enterprise. E JANUARY 1990 Samsung starts a Regional Specialist Program in order to train our employees to become leaders of globalization. F JULY 1990 The Samsung Childcare Center opens to help working parents. G JANUARY 1992 Samsung leaves its mark in Times Square, the heart of the world’s economy, with a massive neon-light billboard. H 1992~PRESENT The semiconductor changes the world. For 21 years Samsung remains the world’s leading producer. G

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