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1. List ways that Dell conducts research on its customers to continually improve products and services. 2. What are the features of Dell’s research? 3. What is Dell’s unique selling point? 4. What are the strategies Dell uses to generate revenue? 5. What does return on investment mean in relation to Dell’s marketing campaign and how is it measured? 6. Identify three external threats and two internal weaknesses that Dell could face. 7. What types of information can a business gather from its internal systems about its customers to assist in the planning process? Information can be organised by category, to help the marketing manager determine how best to use it. The following categories can be useful for marketing activities: * Financial * Production * Human resources * Marketing * Stockholding * Logistical data 8. List four ways environment scanning can be conducted to look for information. * Unfocused scanning * Semi-focused scanning * Informal search * Formal search 9. Describe qualitative and quantitative research and provide three ways research could be conducted. * Qualitative research: Quantitative research is the collection and collation of solid information. A quantitative research question is any question that provides data that can be quantified. The data that quantitative research generates often takes the form of numbers and figures or ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. Intagible data is a lot more nuanced as it relates more to people’s emotional responses to products. * Quantitative research: Qualitative research provides a deeper understanding of the needs, desires and consumer habits of a target market. Undertaking a qualitative survey of a population allows an organisation to pose more complex, multi-tiered questions and gather nuanced answers that provide a more complete

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