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INTERMEDIATE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS SPRING, 2014 ASSIGNMENT IFA 2014 S2 IFA assignment Page 1 of 3 School of Business Intermediate Financial Accounting - Unit No. 200536 Assignment – S2 2014 1. This assignment is to be submitted in 6 parts containing 8 questions worth 2.5 marks for each Q. Each part is due on different dates. 2. The assignment must be submitted to the Wiley text book site ‘WileyPLUS’ for computer marking. The site is reached from a vUWS link in the ‘Assignments’ section. 3. This assignment may optionally be prepared in a group of your choosing with other students enrolled in IFA. Group members can be from any campus and tute. Every student must submit their own assignment electronically in order to receive a computer generated mark. Please note that the computer ensures that the numerical data will be different for every assignment completed even within a group. The benefit of working in a group is to discuss the correct procedures to follow rather than copy calculations. 4. If you chose to join a group you may decide upon how much cooperation and collaboration you wish to engage in. Group size is suggested at 2-4 members. You are allowed to collaborate to the point of the group fully completing every individual person’s assignment or little as you wish. 5. Groups may change at any time depending upon the contribution and usefulness of individuals. A group member has no right to receive any work from other students. Groups are only for collaborative work effort in problem solving and not for task subdivision. Each person is responsible for knowing the entire assignment topic. 6. The assignment may require some research beyond the normal lecture and tutorial content that has been covered. Assignment Website details Click on the ‘Assignments’ link in vUWS. You should be directed to a Wiley website ‘WileyPLUS’

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