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Name: Lecturer: Course name: Course code: Date: Midexpress Drug Store case Question1. Market concentration Medexpress drugstores should concentrate on both the baby boomer market and the senior citizens. The decision on dealing with the both markets is cognitive and the business should not incur a risk of concentration to one market. Medexpress Drugstores market condition is detrimentally setup, where the stores should critically base on the population ration basis on making decision on which group should they serve in the market. Since the present percentage ratio of the Rio Bravo is majorly segmented by the older consumers, the business should concentrate on the segment. Also the baby boomers are still moving in the market thus the Medexpress drugstores should not waive the older consumers for unstable baby boomer consumers. Considerably the upcoming young generation are to be concentrated as well since they are the key back up of the business in a future period. However medexexpress should concentrate on both markets. Question2. Market Strategies Marketing strategies refers an approach that concentrates on the business optimal resources to enhance increase in the firm general turnover and its competitive advantage. Medexpress drugstores should employ the following marketing strategies to increase their turnover and become competitive in their market. a. Market Leader Strategies – Medexepress Drugstores should embark on expanding the market by using approaches that will increase the number of consumers and defending the qualitative nature of the business products b. Market Niche Strategy – The business need to diversify on the on the market segments to expand and address both the baby boomer’s and the older consumers. c. Market Challenger Strategy – Medxpress Drugstores should consider studying of the unmet consumer needs along the Rio

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