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Promotion and Advertising Best Buy is a retail chain with a wide range of consumers with regards to income, age, gender, income, culture and even location. This means that the IMC tactics implemented must be tailor made for each of the chosen segments. Considering their positioning strategy of low cost, high product quality and good customer service, the company needs to employ sales promotions, direct marketing, online marketing, advertising, sales promotions and public relations (Kapferer, 2008). While the company is relatively well established as a brand in the market, it may need a little more work to gain the leading position. This means that sales promotions are a good idea especially considering the competitive nature of the retail market (Chaffey, 2009). Therefore, the company will have to implement discounts and offers on the various products as they do. They currently have special deals and vouchers that attract people to shop at the locations and these will have to be extended to the online shoppers. In a world that is increasingly being run through the internet, online marketing is not just an option for this organization. It is mandatory in that the organization must turn to social media platforms like Facebook and twitter to attract the various market segments. With regards to public relations, Best Buy must ensure that they create a corporate image for themselves that is consistent with the expectations of the stakeholders, as well as consumers. This means that the company has to be conscious about environmental protection and responsible energy consumption. Advertising will make the bulk of the company’s IMC strategy in that the consumers must be made aware of the company’s products and services. The positioning strategy is all about low cost, good customer service and great product quality. These are the interests that have so far earned the

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