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Marketing Essay

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Question 1
Identify what Jennifer needs to find out what the organisation expects of her performance and behaviour.

According to the context Jennifer was a team leader and now she is appointed as a frontline manager. Being a leader and being a manager, both roles are necessarily linked and they must go hand in hand but Jennifer should note that they are not the same thing. The role of a leader was to inspire and motivate whereas the manager’s job is to plan, organize and coordinate. To be able to find out what the organisation expects of her performance and behaviour, first of all, she should be able to differentiate the role of a leader to the role of a manager. At the same time she should adapt herself to the staffs’ ways of working and their expectations from her. Jennifer should focus on several points that already exist in the organisation and ways of doing the job, such as: -
(1) The systems and structure that already exist in the company; if the organisation wish to carry out its mission successfully there must have a functioning internal structure, and systems that allow it to carry out its work effectively.
(2) What should rely on control; Organizations establish controls in a number of different areas and at different levels. Jennifer needs to control in order to determine if the goals of the organisation are being met and to take corrective action if necessary so that some targeted element of performance remains within acceptable limits.
(3) She must have short range view on all tasks of her staffs; the basic of an effective time management is to be aware of all that needs to be done. Though many people keep track of day-to-day activities in Jennifer’s heads, it facilitates planning and productivity by making a task list and view. The process of preparing this manual can also bring to light areas where no procedures exist, but need to be devised.
(4) She must asks how and when the task will be completed; the first step is to write down...

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