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Marketing Essay

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The Case of the New Apple, Inc.
Managerial Marketing


Apple Incorporated has a great reputation for bringing creativity and innovation to the world of technology.   Most importantly, the reputation the company has gained was influenced under the fierce, stern leadership under the late Steve Jobs.   Steve Jobs was arguably greatest innovator of his time.   Starting the company out of his garage, Jobs set out to make Apple Computers a worldwide brand.   To this day, Apple is one of the most successful and most recognizable brands in the world.   A main reason why Apple was so successful was the management style and unseen focus that Jobs practiced.   Though considered “unethical” by some, his leadership style was for a purpose: to motivate others to be the best they could possibly be.   With the death of Steve Jobs, a legacy of creativity and innovation was left behind that will go unmatched.   As for the future of Apple Incorporated without Steve Jobs, that has yet to be determined.

The Apple Brand
Following the death of Steve Jobs, it was questioned as to whom would take over the company.   The one person that came to mind was Phil Schiller; Apple’s Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Jobs’ right hand man.   Even though the two had little in common, both Jobs and Schiller shared “passion and impulses” for the apple brand.   However, Schiller, or anyone for that matter, cannot replace a person like Steve Jobs.   Jobs brought creativity, innovative ideas that changed the world of technology.  
According to Burrows and Satariano, former Apple managers consider Schiller “overly controlling and worry that he lacks the bold creative instincts needed to maintain Apple’s edge” (2012). Some fear that Schiller “will be a more conventional leader, prone to hyping products in ways that tarnish Apple’s hard-won brand loyalty” (2012).   This had been evident in recent marketing campaigns, as advertisements...

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