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New Technology Is Against Traditions or Vice Versa? As people want to improve themselves -their life conditions- with trade, the need for marketing was born. Nowadays, the meaning of marketing has changed substantially over the past decade. For the success of any business marketing strategies play an important role. Growing globally is the dream of every businessman. We should make a decision between traditional marketing and e-marketing to increase the marketing success. Strauss and Ansary (2006) define E-marketing in their latest book as the use of information technology in the process of creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationship in ways that benefit the organization and its stake holders. (As cited in Salehi, Mirzaei, Aghei & Abyari, 2012, para.7) Therefore, while dealing with online marketing perceived quality and bran equity can increase the consumer loyalty, marketers are searching to explore new ways of expanding their market share. E-marketing is more effective than the traditional marketing. The advantages of e-marketing are a more cost effective solution for business. Some people argue that security and privacy issues make customers less confident when using internet marketing. The more customers think that there is not any reliable system for them on the web sites and they also think that web sites administrator can use customers’ identity information. Since payments for purchase through the internet are done by credit card mostly, there can be some security issues that create problems. Purchasing online, they would be taking a risk when giving the credit card details. This approach seems to be rather rigid and open to debate. However, there are of course different payment methods for purchases made on internet that provide a higher security, such as paying after receiving the product or paying

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