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Daneva Harrell Marketing Unit 9 February 10, 2013 1. Strength: a. The short selling period b. the company has the advantage of being the market leader c. This brand is very well known and well recognized d. Low cost product that provides value to customers e. The company had an abundance of sales people f. Advertising campaign from mass media that brings brand recognition Weakness: a. Dependence on its supplier providing products b. High turn-over ratio for sales people that equaled 200% c. Qualification difference among sales people Opportunities: a. Introduction into Men’s products b. Duplicate same success formula into neighborhood Asia countries c. Buy out smaller competitors to gain market share Threats: a. Better product being introduced by competitors b. Inferior product that leads to re-call and devastate brand image c. Growth of major competitors 2. Better Way can stay on top in Thailand while it looks to expand internationally by creating a new division solely for international expansion. This way company can allocate proper resources in each division and not lose focus on its domestic market. Domestically Better Way should continue to strive for R&D with new products, hire and train more sales people, and use mass media to advertise. These few steps will definitely keep Better Way on top. 3. Marketing initiatives that I would specifically recommend over the next five years would be that Mistine should look into a new product line for older people as the majority of older age woman will want a specific product line designed just for them. Mistine can also look into advertising with social networks as well as online selling to gain a bigger market share in the teenagers sector. Facebook would be the place to start and would definitely get them on
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