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The Shanghai trading Company is a company which manages the products for a range of quality children and ladies. If its production exports in international market, it certainly needs to be modified which should adapt to the local country which has some different from China. Because different country has it special style, size and color which people like and want. For example, the company goes to European market, which the size should range. The design suited to European taste and fashions trend. The company chooses fibril material of organic cotton and flat. In the EU, many people require 100% organic material, it can keep health. And the company use flat which is fashion and cool in the summer. Secondly, the different countries have different language, at the same time label standard have diversity. The label standard should satisfy with EU market. Of require. It is important to note that if a piece of clothing bears a label saying 100% organic cotton. (100% of cotton fibers are certified organic- no synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used). In the other hand, the company must obey the legal standard. This must take in the first. A minimum price is the lowest price which Shanghai trading Company can apply to the international market. In the report it said that “the company’s prices are viewed as highly competitive averaging 25% below European competitors.” The company can take some actions. Firstly, the Shanghai trading Company must understand what the standardization price in the market. The price which the company set must close to it level in order to make more people accept it especially the local people. They will accept an export product’s average price more instead of the higher price. This way is good for the Shanghai trading Company manage in the broad market. Price skimming is used when a product is new to a market, it is the

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